Vett Cloud

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Project Description

The software provides a dashboard environment that allows users to vet, build, and iterate on deals and investment opportunities using a unique, proprietary process. By using the software investment groups and funds can capture meaningful insights from deal evaluation over time.Current vetting processes are time consuming and do not capture data associated with deal evaluation. In addition to the potential of missed or misunderstood investment opportunities, the vetting process can be hampered by seniority within the team, with analysts reticent to provide unbiased feedback to the group at large.Our SaaS offering will create a more structured, data rich process for vetting investment opportunities, and with its focus on anonymous deal evaluation and unbiased feedback, users can be assured that all investment analysis is of the highest’s proprietary process of vetting allows investors to better utilize their time when understanding investment opportunities, with the knowledge that they have been vetted with an unbiased team whose job are to find the holes and pitfalls in an investment opportunity.